Chingfords offer a range of pre-treatments as detailed below.


Aqueous degreasing with phosphating for components up to 6m long and 1m square. degreasing is carried out to DEF STAN 03-11. Phosphate treatments include iron, zinc and manganese/iron phosphates. Our standard general purpose treatment is Granodine 606 which provides a combined degrease/iron phosphate.


Kophos can be applied in clear or black and can be overcoated with a powder or stove coating.


We offer alkaline, acidic and solvent cleaners to cover a variety of applications including oil, wax, soaps, and componds as well as offering a range of etch finishes. We also offer neutral cleaners where items are destined for further work that is inhibited by traditional cleaning processes, and include features such as no rinse washes and temporary corrosion-inhibiting surfaces.

Self Etching Primers

We offer a range of pre-treatment primers including MOD and aerospace specified Two Pack Self Etching Primers and a two pack primer formulated without chromates.


We offer oil seals for coating phosphate finishes to provide short term corrosion protection, provide rust proofing and offer options for staining.


We offer a full masking service including plugs for blind and through holes.

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