Stove Enamelling

Chingfords offer a range of stove enamelled coatings which tend to be applied where a very high finish quality is required.

Stoving Finish

A high quality general purpose stoving finish which is widely used throughout the original equipment and sub-contracting industries is available in a range of colours providing a 25µm DFT coat which is tough, mar-resistant and can be applied with a either conventionally or electrostatically.

Epoxy Stoving FinishEpoxy Stoving Finish

A high quality stoving finish available in several gloss levels. It contains epoxy resin to give good chemical and corrosion resistance in many extreme environmental conditions when used in a suitably primed system. Epoxy stoving coatings provide a high level chemical/corrosion resistant finish suited applications such as machinery, industrial furniture and use within the transport industry. Epoxy stove finishes provide a wet film thickness of 50µm drying to a dry film thickness of 25µm and can be applied with either conventional or electrostatic equipment. Four gloss levels are available:

Pre-treatment: The recommended pre-treatment for mild steel is a zinc or iron phosphate aqueous bath whilst a chromate conversion coating is recommended for aluminium and light alloys. Priming is also recomended.

Filling: Filling is available for light and deep holes using a two pack polyester paste.

Low Temperature Acrylic Stoving Finish

A high performance stoving finish available in several gloss levels based on an epoxy fortified acrylic resin to give high resistance to scuff and wear. When applied and cured over the recommended priming system with a full gloss finish, the system is suitable for exposure to exterior conditions. Applications include lamposts, public furnture, highways environments and schools. A low temperature acrylic requires a clean and derusted surface, ideally pretreated with a zinc phosphate or a chromate conversion, and can be applied through conventional or electrostic systems, offering a dry film thickness of 20µm.

Textured & Special Finishes

We offer a number of textured finishes as detailed below:

Type Style DFT Applications
Hammer Finish Distinctive hammer pattern 30µm Large vertical surfaces and restorations
Coarse Texture Coarse smooth coating - low sheen 50µm Office equipment
Wrinkle Finish Wrinkled finish 50µm Ideal for hiding surface imperfections
Varnish Clear - full gloss or matt 15µm Additional protection to stoved finishes with mar-resistance


Primers are available for general stoving, epoxy stoving and low temperature acrylic finishes.

Quality ControlQuality Control

All work is carried out to the highest standards and where required can be supplied with certification and documentation.

Colour Matching

Colour matching can be offered where an exact match is required to a non standard off the shelf colour, please ask for details..

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